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About Us

Reel Angels is part of a Limited Company that is PAYE and VAT registered. We are fully insured for all aspects of work within the entertainment sector. We are a fully registered, fully functional committed supplier of professional crew. With the ever increasing complexity of engaging freelance staff, we offer a “no strings attached” quality crew solution where we deal with all the paperwork and PAYE.

Reel Angels exists when there has never been a more opportune moment to represent female talent in Film and TV. By representing women we see ourselves as leaders in the ongoing progress towards full gender parity across the industry.

Reel Angels has over 150 freelancers on our books across the UK. These are amongst the most highly skilled and sought after women working in the industry in camera, lighting and sound departments.

Our crew include DOPs, Camera Ops, Focus Pullers, Sound Recordists, Boom Ops, Gaffers, Best Boys, Editors and Sound Post Production.  They have held key positions on numerous high end television projects including Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey as well as major movies Paddington, Testament of Youth , Everest and Alice in Wonderland to name but a few.

Reel Angels also intends to promote equality through a wide range of activities that support female voices in the media and film community. We host female-led programmed events, collaborate with industry bodies in delivering technical workshops and arrange meet-ups and interviews with professionals. We are currently developing ‘RA: NETWORK’: An inclusive and supportive online community that will go live later this year.

There has never been a more called-for moment to put women at the heart of the creative process. Kathryn Bigelow still remains the only woman to have won a Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker in 2009. Bigelow said: “There should be more women directing; there’s just not the awareness that it’s really possible. And it is!”.

At Cannes 2016 Jodie Foster is on the campaign trail after directing Money Monster:I think this is the most risk averse period in movie industry”.

And The Guardian/Stephen Follows Report provides critical proof of the need for women on set:

More than three-quarters of the crew involved in making 2,000 of the biggest grossing films over the past 20 years have been men. 

In 2013, under 2% of Directors were female. Of all the departments, the Camera and Electrical department is the most male, with only 5% women. There has been no improvement in the last 20 years. The percentage of female crew members has decreased between 1994 (22.7%) and 2013 (21.8%).

The report’s author Stephen Follows said: “I was completely shocked, but in particular I presumed things would be getting better. But that clearly isn’t the case”.

Reel Angels believes that there is an urgent need to promote the work of women in the industry. It goes to the very heart of our mission statement.

Founder of Reel Angels is Lulu Elliott, who has directed music videos for Universal Records, with technical experience in camera and follow spot operating: “In 2010 I looked at other crew agencies and I noticed the severe lack of female representation if any at all. I believe that simply with promotion of these women through Reel Angels, we will increase employment of female freelancers in these areas. This is an industry about being ‘seen’.  Productions who want to source more diverse crew say they wished something like this existed decades ago.”

But now awareness on the issue is finally gaining momentum, with other female focused initiatives developing from all the backlash of #oscarsowhite earlier this year.

The BFI has introduced their Diversity Standards, which has already shown improvement:

“In the 2015-16 full funding year the number of BFI-supported feature films directed by women rose to 34 per cent, or 11 out of the 32 directors across the films we funded, our aim being that with further effort this will continue to rise” says BFI Film Fund director Ben Roberts.

The momentum for change is international. Canada and Sweden have taken things a step further by dividing funding 50/50 between genders: “Over time you should be able to balance it equally. Talking makes no difference. You have to act.”  Anna Serner, the head of the Swedish Film Institute.

In this rapidly evolving climate Reel Angels has joined forces and elicits support from other key organizations.  Women in Film and Television (WFTV) have played an integral part in this campaign for the last 25 years says:

“Reel Angels is a positive agency working to support women in the industry, both through training and career opportunities. Its aim to increase the number of women in roles where they are currently under represented – such as camera, lighting, and sound – is one that we at WFTV (UK) wholeheartedly support.”

Kate Kinninmont, CEO, Women in Film & TV (UK).


“Finally a reliable female fronted crewing company – much needed for this media generation. Ladies can multi task AND take care in their work plus half the people we film are female! I’ll be definitely taking on a Reel Angel!”

Sara Harding, TV Producer/Director – V, Reading and T in the Park festivals, BAFTAS, Classic Rock and Q Awards for C4, Sky, MTV worldwide.


 “Reel Angels are an excellent outfit. They seem to know the very best up-and coming female crew in the UK. I found exactly what I needed in terms of lighting and camera: plus an enthusiasm and energy from the clients sometimes lacking in the Kingdom of Men that is the film set. I would use Reel Angels anytime. I love the balance that women bring to the television world.”

James Kent (Emmy winning BBC Drama and ‘Testament of Youth’ Director).


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