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carolyn bk
Carolyn Hughes
1st & 2nd Camera Assistant

Location: London

Carolyn is an experienced camera technician and assistant. Beginning her career on film productions, Carolyn has worked mostly on drama productions. Carolyn has developed an expansive knowledge of HD cameras and current industry accessories through her time in charge of equipment demos at two successful hire companies.


Holby City, BBC, Digi Beta: Technical assistant / 2ndAC (June 2009 – March 2010)

Ongoing, various crew.

Ashes to Ashes 2, Kudos Productions, 16mm: Clapper Loader (dailies, 2009)

DoP: Fabian Wagner / Simon Archer      Focus Puller: Ben Battersby / George Grieve

Identity, ITV, D21 HD: Technical assistant (dailies) (2009)

DoP – Jan Jonaeus Focus Puller – Mark Barrs / Jamie Phillips

Prince of Persia, VFX Unit, 35mm: Central loader(dailies)

DoP: Peter Talbot

Lesbian Vampire Killers, Skyline Productions, Red One HD: Clapper Loader – dailies (June 2008)

DoP: David Higgs                     Focus Pullers: Barney Piercey and Erin Stevens

Tess of the D’Urbervilles, BBC, 35mm: Camera Trainee / B-Camera Loader (April – June 2008)

DoP – Wojciech Szepel     Camera Op – Nick Beeks-Sanders      Focus Puller – Max Zaher

The Changeling, Size 9 (Undone) Productions, 16mm: Clapper Loader – dailies

DoP – David Higgs                    Focus Puller – Matt Poynter              (January 2008)


Tony, Tightrope Pictures, 16mm: Clapper Loader (August 2007)

DoP – David Higgs

Rock N Rolla, Toff Guy Films, HiDef: Trainee Camera Assistant (June – August 2007)

DoP – David Higgs         Camera Op – Julian Morson       Focus Puller – Matt Poynter

 The Fixer, Kudos (Fixer) Limited, 16mm: Camera Trainee, B-Camera Loader (September – December 2007)

 DoP – Wojciech Szepel        Camera Op – Adam Gillham       Focus Puller – George Grieve

Bike Squad, Hat Trick Productions: Second Camera Assistant (August 2007)

Dop – Tim Palmer          Camera Op – Martin Foley        Focus Puller – Kim Seber / Erin Stevens


Frankenstein, Impossible Pictures, 16mm: Trainee Clapper Loader (May – June 2007)

DoP – Wojciech Szepel            Focus Puller – Christian Allinger

Commander IV, La Plante Productions, 16mm: Trainee/Second Clapper Loader (March – April 2007)

The Fraudster – DoP: Mike Spragg                    Focus Puller – Joe Blackwell       Windows of the Soul – DoP: James Welland

BritzBritz Mentorn, 16mm: Trainee Clapper Loader (November 2006 – February 2007)

DoP – David Higgs                   Focus Puller – Matt Poynter

Poliakoff 2006, Talkback Thames, 16mm: Trainee Clapper Loader – dailies (December 2006)

DoP – Danny Cohen                 Focus Puller – Peter Byrne

Magicians, Magic Men Ltd., 35mm: Trainee Clapper Loader (August – September 2006)

DoP – James Welland Focus Puller – Matt Poynter

Ditch the Bitch, Company Productions, 16mm: Trainee Clapper Loader (June – July 2006)

DoP – David Higgs          Focus Puller – Matt Poynter

Bad Girls, Shed Productions: Trainee Camera Assistant (March – June 2006)

DoP – Stephan Pehrsson           Focus Puller – Jono Tomes

Dream Team Retro, Hewland International: Trainee Camera Assistant (November 2005 – February 2006)

DoP – Stephan Pehrsson           Camera Op – Rob Arrowsmith



Arhat Taming the DragonApollo and the Continents, The Death of PentheusSkeletons Warming Themselves, The Butcher’s Shop,  Methodact Ltd., D21 HD: Second AC

DoP: Sean Bobbitt, BSC                       Focus Puller: Erin Stevens         (March 2008 – April 2009)



Deep Sleep, NFTS, 16mm: Clapper Loader (August 2008)

DoP: Ness Whyte

The Orchard, NFTS, 16mm: Clapper Loader (July 2008)

DoP: Sarah Deane                   Focus Puller: Erin Stevens


The Rain Horse, DGA Ltd., Red One HD: Clapper Loader (July 2008)

DoP: Arnau Valls Colomer          Focus Puller: Nathan Mann

The Odds, Tightrope Pictures, 16mm: Clapper Loader (May 2008)

DoP: Theo Garland                   Focus Puller: Ciro Candia

Zoo Pilot, Dan Films, 16mm: Clapper Loader (October 2006)

DoP – Philipp Blaubach            Focus Puller – Paul MacKay


Focus 24 (September 2014 to present) Senior Camera Technician

VMI Ltd. (June 2012 to September 2014) Senior Camera Technician


September 2013: Alexa Training Course –          VMI Ltd, North Acton

September 2012: RAW Workshop with Geoff Boyle –      24-7 Drama, North Acton,London                       


May 2011:        First Aid Training –        The Bridge Academy, Hackney  , London

December 2010: BBC Risk Management of Production Course Pt’s 1 & 2 – BBC   Media Centre, White City, London


May 2010:        Shooting and Lighting for Film and High Def –London Film AcademyFulham, London

November 2005: 16mm / 35mm Camera Familiarisation –            National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, Bucks


2004 – 2005:     Black and White Photography City & Guilds –     Mid Kent College, City Way,           Rochester, Kent


 1999 – 2002:   Radio, Film and Television Studies BA    Christchurch University College, Canterbury, Kent.


1992 – 1999:     3 A-Levels and  9 GCSEs grades A-C – Chatham Grammar School for Girls,                    Chatham, Kent.

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