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lisa cottington canvas
Lisa Cottington
1st AC Focus Puller

Location: London

Lisa is a dedicated and passionate career focus puller with over ten years experience. She has worked on a diverse range of productions and is accustomed to many different camera systems.


‘Gunned Down’                       HD feature film
Maniac Fiction                        DOP Duane McClunie
 ‘Lethal’                                   HD feature film
Pure Film Productions            DOP David Schwartz
 ‘Mercenaries’                         HD feature film
ABC Films Ltd                         DOPs Phillip Robertson & Roger Bonnici
‘Strawberry Fields’                  HD feature film
Spring Pictures                       DOP Dave Miller
‘The Devil’s Playground’         HD feature film           (‘B’ Camera Focus Puller)
Widescreen                             DOP Jason Shepherd
‘Infinite Justice’                       HD feature film           (Dailies)
Scarab Films                           DOP Nik Knowland

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv