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Becky Sharpe TV
Becky Sharpe
Camera Lighting Operator

Location: London

Becky is a Lighting Camera Operator who has returned to the UK after living in Spain for fourteen years. As a self-shooter she is owner-operator of DSLR kit and Sony’s HD kit V1, Sennheiser sound kit and various lighting. She has made films with people with disabilities, working for UK Television producing and directing a travelling Chef series in Andalucia, as well as producing various lifestyle programs on the Costa del Sol. Her career started with award-winning short dramas, multi-screen installations and working in Africa for Associated Press Television.



Producer/Director (Self-Shooting)

Recently directed, produced and shot two short films in London looking at dance and body image – “Tate Dancers” shot and screened at the Tate Britain.

Producer/Director 5 x 24mins “Out To Lunch with Francis Butler” (Sky TV/Living in Spain) Light Entertainment following the adventures of a travelling rogue Chef.

Producer/Director (Self-Shooting) 1 x 24mins Pilot – “The Tapas Show” (Sky TV/Living in Spain) Light Entertainment with two presenters looking at Andalusian Culture.

Producer/Director (Self-Shooting) 300 x 3-5 mins Video on Demand – High volume content creation and delivery, from script to screen for the online and mobile phone markets.Commissioned by Videojug.

Independent Producer/Director 1 x 25 mins Dance drama – “Reya” Cinderella a la flamenco Commissioned by Versatile Films.

Independent Producer/Director 1 x 6 mins
Short Horror Film – “Secretos a Voces” Secret Whispers
A spanish short taking a look at Franco’s legacy; a gory tale based on fact.

Writer/Producer Majestic TV
Concepts and scripts for programmes at this property and lifestyle television channel, Spain.

SUN KING – for Dan Films (Prod. Julie Baines) – Luscious period drama; a true story featuring witchery, lust and slaughter at the court of Louis XIV

HORROR WEEKEND – for Virtual Content (Prod. Mark Tierney) – Bloodthirsty psychological horror flick where a group of writers face their fears – developed with the support of European Films Crossing Borders.

TORREMOLINOS – feature comedy set in Spain about a teenage boy trying to lose his virginity on his hols, when his sexy mother arrives and freudian chaos ensues (invited to Euroforum co-production market).


Producer & Head of Development Hybrid Films
Developing the existing feature drama slate and financing projects through British Screen, the European Script Fund, the UK Film Council and the EC’s Media II.

Lecturer in Film & Video Production
Before joining Hybrid Films as Head of Development, Becky made independent films and taught Film & Video Production at Blake College of Art, Westminster College and Lambeth College.

Independent Producer + Filmmaker

Director-Producer: WTN/Associated Press Television: current affairs stories in Uganda, East Africa.

Producer: Jodie With Love – Award-winning Fuji Scholarship short drama.

Producer: Four Dinner – TV experimental docu-drama for interactive channel, Videotron.

Producer: Hanging in the balance – Video Installation for Eastern Arts Board.

Producer: Corporate Video for Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Director: Numb – Anti-narrative celebrating disabled women’s sexuality (6 mins/16mm/distrib: Cinenova).

Director: Valentino – Drama about a girl’s fixation on the film star, Rudolph Valentino (10 mins/16 mm).

Director: Queen of Hearts – A voyeur’s perspective on the Mother/Daughter relationship (5 mins/16 mm).


Edits in Final Cut Pro, is experienced with most cameras, from broadcast to compact range, including the Canon C300, the 5D and 7D.

Languages: Bilingual English/Spanish and some French,

Full Driving License + Motorbike License.

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