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Ola Mesmer
Camera Op / Shooting PD

Location: London

Ola is a professional freelance lighting camera operator, shooting PD and editor with over 4 years
experience in filming events, documentary, promotional videos and performance, working with a
wide range of client and subject matter.

Prior to camera operating Ola spent 3 years working as a camera assistant on a variety of UK
productions from short and feature-length drama to commercials, TV, documentary and music
videos. She is experienced in working with the industry-standard equipment in studio and on
location both independently and as part of a large or small crew.

Ola is passionate about visual storytelling, be it an environmental documentary or a corporate
video. She enjoys taking a project from the initial stage of research and conceptualisation all the
way into production and post production, but is equally happy to work to an existing brief.

Camera Knowledge :

• Canon C300, C100, 5Dmk3, 7D

• Sony F55, F5, FS7, FS700, F3, XR1, PMW700, Z5

• Black Magic Cinema Camera

• Arri Alexa

• Red Epic, Scarlet

• GoPro Hero 3&4




‘H-ART’ – Federico Fianchini – Corporate – 5Dmk3 – Camera Operator.
‘Skanska Grist’ – Communications – Corporate Doc-  5Dmk3 – Camera Operator.
‘Bentley Berkshire’ –  Lonestar Pictures –  Corporate Doc – EX1, GoPro3 – Cam Operator.

‘American Express’ –  Media Ark – Corporate Doc – Canon C300 – Camera Operator.
‘Weber Shandwick’ – Lisa Downs – Corporate Doc – 5Dmk3 –  Camera Operator.

‘The Hunt Is Over’ – Spare Change Films – Documentary 5Dmk3 – DOP.

‘World Baton Twirling’ – Toothpix Live broadcast – Sony Z5 – Camera Operator.

‘Championship Tailor Birds’ – UK No Words – Live music/Promo – 5Dmk2 – Director/Operator/Editor.

‘White Christmas’ – Quick Fortune – Theatre – 5Dmk3 – DOP.

‘Mary Martin London’ – No Words Corporate – Fashion –  5Dmk3 –  Director/Operator/Editor.

‘Kroll Ontrack’ – Isabelle Sieb – Corporate Doc – Canon C300 – Camera Operator.

‘Weber Shandwick’ – Spare Change Films – Corporate Doc – 5Dmk3 – Camera Operator.

‘Forever Forged’ – AngloKlaxon – Promotional Doc – Canon 5D – DOP.


T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv