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stefania BK
Stefania Fantini
Location Recordist & Boom Op

Location: London

Stefania has worked in sound since 1987, exploring her interests in and working in production/ post production sound. Then specializing in independent Italian productions and post-production studios in Italy.

Stefania moved to  London in 2013 and since then has worked as a freelance Location Recordist in short films, features, documentaries and corporates.



“ Suburban Dracula” by Kawita Sareen –  Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

“Quiz Night” by Karl Rooney (Pilot TV comedy) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

“The Trouble with the F word” by Vanessa Pellegrin (feature documentary)  –Boom Operator, Sound Recordist, Sound Editor & Mixing Engineer.

“Brian & The Grim Reaper” by Eben Skilleter – Sound Designer & Mixing Engineer.

“Repeat Until” (short film) by Abbie Lucas – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

Sainsbury’s (Corporate) – Vodafone (Corporate) – British Gas (Corporate) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

Spire Hospital (Corporate) – Creation Company – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist


British Airways China (Corporate) – Procter & Gamble (Corporate) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

Freeview Tombola (Corporate) – Creation Company – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

“Bodies” by B Welby-Delimere (short film) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

“HouseMates” by Monique Needham (web series) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

ION Production (Corporate videos) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

“FlatMates” by Michael Eagle-Hodgson (Pilot TV Serie) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

“Hi-Lo Joe” by James Kermack (feature film) ) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist

“Unfinished Business” by Kawita Sareen (short film) – Boom Operator, Sound Recordist, Sound Designer & Mixing Engineer.

“A Quick Fortune” by Abbie Lucas (web serie) ) – Boom Operator, Sound Recordist & Mixing Engineer.

“Beyond Plain Sight” by Joseph a. Adesunloye (short film) – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

British Airways India (Corporate) – Dream Coat Production – Boom Operator & Sound Recordist.

“Lunch Break” by Lian Rose (short comedy) – Boom Operator, Sound Recordist, Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Mixing Engineer.

“The Perfect Human” by Wade A. Jacks (short film) – Boom Operator, Sound Recordist,  Sound Editor, Sound Designer & Mixing Engineer.

Own Kit:

Sound Device Mixer/Recorder 664, Sennheiser MKH 8050, Sennheiser 416, 3 x Radio Mics Sennheiser system EW 112p G3,  3 x Sennheiser ME 2 capsule, 2  x DPA 4071 capsule,  Rycote Windshield, Panamic midi 3-section pole 3 meters,  Headphones Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv