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Dagmar Scheibenreif canvas
Dagmar Scheibenreif

Location: London

Having started her journey in Stills Photography, Dagmar is an extremely versatile and unique image creator with a true eye for detail.
She is an HSE underwater camera operator as well as Divemaster focusing on Narrative & Action, Beauty & Fashion as well as Music Promos.
Born in Vienna / Austria, Dagmar has worked worldwide, combing her love of learning about different cultures and meeting new people with travelling and her work.
Dagmar’s open approach to her craft, her constant striving for perfection as well as her ability to capture the essence as well as highlight the beauty of an image or scene is what makes her stand out as a cinematographer.


Feature / ‘Symblote’ / Throughly Professional Productions / DOP & Camera OP

Feature / ‘D-EFFECTS’ / Ouranus Films / DOP & Camera OP – RED EPIC

Feature / ‘Mr. Jones’ / SOOP Productions / DOP & Camera OP

Feature / ‘The Hike’ / Motion Picture House / 2nd Unit DOP – RED

Feature / ‘RU486’ / Xylomancy Films / DOP & Camera Op


UNDER WATER – Fashion Commercial DoP/Cam – various –  Liquid Eye Productions.
UNDER WATER – Nature Photography DoP/Cam – Sony A7R – Halo Productions.
UNDER WATER – Life Action/CGI mix commercial DoP/Cam – 4K RAW – Scubacam Housing – River Film Productiosn – Director Andy Soup.



Speaks fluent German and English


Full, clean car driving license


HSE, Divemaster, Underwater Camera Operator


– Red Epic with Underwater Housing, Port, set of Primes and underwater Tripod
– Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark2 / Mark3
– Set of Samyang prime lenses



– Panasonic GH5 (for 4K up to 50fps in 422 10bit
or slow motion up to 180fps in full HD)
– XLR adapter for GH5
– Cage for GH5
– 7″ Atomos Inferno 4K monitor/ recorder
– Gimbal for Sony GH5
– K5 Slider
– Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 PRO
– 0lympus 40-150mm f/2.8 PRO
– Nikon AI-S Primes (20mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.4 and
105mm 2.8 + macro 1:1)
– Easyrig (for smooth handheld work)
– Handheld Rig with shoulder support & handle,15mm bars
– 1 x fluid head tripod
– Followfocus with Speed crank & Whip
– swing away Matte Box – 2 filter trays, one rotating
– 4×4 Soft Fx 2 filter

– Directional Sennheiser Microphone
– Sony Radio Microphone
– 3m XLR

– GH5 Nauticam housing
– 1 x battery powered underwater HMI (30.000 lumens) including
lenses for wide to focused beams (30m depth rated)
– 1 x underwater 120Y LED- rechargable (40m depth rated)
– 1 x underwater HMI torch (20.000 lumens) (150m depth rated)

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv