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Josie williams canvas
Josie Williams
Gaffer / Spark / Lighting Assistant

Location: London

Josie is a freelance lighting technician, working in the film industry for the past 2 years. She began working as a spark on low budget films in second year, whilst studying digital film production at Ravensbourne, working as Gaffer on and independent feature during third year.

She has worked on 8 independent features and many shorts.

Recently obtained the BS7909 ‘Temporary Electric Systems for the Entertainment Industries’ qualification (City and Guild registered).

Selected credits below.


‘Lets be Evil’
Lets Be Evil January 2015 Spark (Dailies)
DIR Martin Owen DOP Chase Bowman
‘The Gatehouse’
Lost Eye Films December 2014 Gaffer (Dailies)
DIR Martin Gooch DoP Mark Hammond
‘Welcome to Curiosity’
Jericho Films  July- October 2014 Spark
DIR Ben Pickering DoP Bruce Melhuish Gaffer Ben Millar
Midnight Circus Films August 2014 Gaffer (Dailies)
DIR Sasha Collington DoP Christopher Schneider
‘Beneath The Skin’
Aaron and Michael Films  June- July 2014 Gaffer/ 2nd Unit DoP
DIR Aaron Ellis DoP Michael Spry 
‘Dark Kills’
LostEye Films December 2013 Gaffer
DIR Matt Mitchell DoP Jamie Burr  
Flynn Entertainment July 2013 Gaffer (dailies)
DIR  Christopher Butler DoP Charlie Herranz  
‘Fear of Water’
KL Dream Pictures  July 2013 Gaffer (dailies)
DIR Kate Lane DoP Nick Lowin




Labour Party Promo ‘The NHS’

Silverfish Media March 2015 Spark

DIR Matt Whitecross DoP Allen Della Vale Gaffer Paul Brennan


Labour Party Promo ‘The Choice’

Silverfish Media March 2015 Spark

DIR Matt Whitecross DoP Allen Della Vale Gaffer Paul Brennan


Barclays ‘Contactless Activation Kiosk Experience’

We Are Woofy March 2015 Gaffer

DIR Freddie Mills DOP Samuel Pearce


Geordie Shore ‘The Party Party’

MTV March 2015 Spark

DIR Alex Matthieson DOP  Ollie Schofield Gaffer Sunny Singh


Lancome/ Elle Magazine ‘Confidence’

The Big Sky February 2015 Gaffer

DIR Ben Wylson DOP Lorenzo Levrini


Mastercard Priceless Moments: Mary J Blige

Pulse Films Februrary 2015 Trainee Spark

DIR Sam Wrench  DoP Jonas Mortenson Gaffer Mark Gardiner


Barclays ‘Face to face’

Start JG November 2014  Lighting Designer/ Gaffer

DIR/ DOP Matt Rozier


Huaweii ‘Spinning Wheel Man’

Partizan  October 2014 Spark

DIR Jim Owen DoP Tim Sidell  Gaffer Mark Linton  


Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness

RSA Films September 2014 Spark

DIR Susanna White  DoP  Tim Sidell  Gaffer  Mark Linton  


Music Videos:


Cristina Novelli ‘Same Stars’

LeeJonesMedia March 2015 Gaffer

DIR Lee Jones  DoP Samuel Pearce


Lucy Spraggan ‘Unsinkable’

Noisebox Films/ Sony Music February 2014 Gaffer

DIR Damien Reeves DoP Heath McWaters


Simple Minds ‘Let The Day Begin’

Noisebox Films/Sony Music  November 2014 Gaffer

DIR Damien Reeves DoP Heath McWaters 


Klaxxons ‘A New Reality’

Partizan/Red Records  October 2014 Spark

DIR Tom Beard DoP Tim Sidell  Gaffer Mark Linton    


Pixie Lott ‘Breakup Song’ 

Pixel Loft/ Mercury Records September 2014 Spark

DIR Nick Bartleet DoP Tim Sidell Gaffer Mark Linton 


Hozier ‘From Eden’ (Alternate video)

Somesuch & Co March 2014 Spark

DIR Ben Strebel DoP Tim Sidel Gaffer Mike Robinson



‘Digital Film Production’ Degree 2:1 Ravensbourne University

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv