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Caroline Singh
Location Recordist & Boom Operator

Location: Oxford/London

Caroline graduated from the NFTS in 2011 where she studied Sound Recording for Film and Television.  Here she learned to record sound for documentary, fiction and television studio productions.  Since leaving the NFTS, she has worked on a number of corporate jobs, short films, feature films, TV studio productions and television dramas.  Recent productions worked on include:  Lewis, The Guilty, Grantchester, Hoff The Record, Drifters, The Last Showing (feature film starring Robert England), London Fields (feature film starring Billy Bob Thornton) and the BAFTA 2014 nominated short film ‘Orbit Ever After’.

Caroline is a member of AMPS.

Credit Highlights:


‘BLACK MOUNTAIN POETS’ – Production Sound Mixer.
Jolene Films Ltd – Dir: Jamie Adams Prod: Jon Rennie.

‘LONDON FIELDS’ – 2nd Unit Production Sound Mixer / Main Unit Boom Operator.
Nicola Six Ltd – Dir: Mathew Cullen Prod: C Hanley, J Gertner, G Kosinkski.

‘THE MARKER’ – Sound Maintenance.
104 Films – Dir: Justin Edgar Prod: Rebecca Joerin / Ian Sharp Sound Mixer: Oliver Rotchell.

‘THE LAST SHOWING’ – Boom Operator.
Philm Company – Dir: Phil Hawkins Prod: Phil Hawkins / Alex Baranska Sound Mixer: Alan Sheldon.

‘WE ARE THE FREAKS’ – Boom Operator.
104 Films – Dir: Justin Edgar Prod: Alex Usborne Sound Mixer: Oliver Rotchell.

‘MOLLY MOON: THE INCREDIBLE HYPNOTIST’ – Sound Assistant / 2nd Boom Operator / Sound Maintenance (Reshoot).
Amber Entertainment – Dir: Chris N. Rowley Prod: S Bosanquet, G Byng, L Elman, I Maisel Sound Mixer: Jim Greenhorn.


‘MINDHORN’ – Mindhorn Prod Ltd – Boom Operator (Sound Mixer: Stevie Haywood)
SUFFRAGETTE – Gillerd Production Services Ltd – Additional Boom Operator (Sound Mixer: Danny Hambrook)

‘KICK-ASS 2’ – Universal Pictures – 2nd Unit Sound Assistant (Sound Mixer: John Hayes)

‘COMES A BRIGHT DAY’ – Ipso Facto Films / Smudge Films / Lost Tribe Productions – Sound Assistant (Sound Mixer: Tarn Willers)

‘SPLINTERED’ – Not A Number Productions – Sound Trainee (Sound Mixer: Alan Sheldon)

‘THE BUTTERFLY TATTOO’ – Dynamic Entertainment DEH – Sound Trainee (Sound Mixer: Alan Sheldon)


‘DRIFTERS’ (Series 1, 2 and 4) – Bwark Productions (Sound Mixer: Bob Newton).

‘CATASTROPHE’ (Series 1 and 2) – Avalon Television Ltd (Sound Mixer: Richard Munns).

‘THE KENNEDYS’ – BBC Comedy (Sound Mixer: Sam Diamond).

‘THE JAVONE PRINCE SHOW’ – BBC Comedy/Lovely Electricity (Sound Mixer: Bob Newton).

‘HOFF THE RECORD’ (Series 1) – Me & You Productions Ltd (Sound Mixer: Bob Newton)

‘BURTON & TAYLOR’ – BBC (Sound Mixer: Simon Clark).

‘HUNTED’ – Kudos Film and Television Ltd (Sound Mixer: Glen Marullo).

‘MIDSOMER MURDERS’ ‘Sleeper Under The Hill’ – Bentley Productions (Sound Mixer: Richard Manton)



Nominated for a BAFTA 2014 ‘Orbit Ever After’ – Location Recordist

‘Shelter’ – Directed by Reggie Yates- Location Recordist



Own kit:

Sound Devices 788T, CL8, CL9 Schoeps CMIT 5U, Sennheiser MKH 60,Sennheiser MKH 8050,
Sennheiser MKH 8040 stereo pair, 5 x Sennheiser G3 radio receivers, 4 x transmitters,
4 x DPA 4061s, 3 x Sennheiser blocktransmitters and 6 x Sennheiser IEM headset
receivers. Long and short Panamic boom poles.

– VW Caddy Maxivan.

• Full,clean driving license.
• Basic French and German.
• Member of AMPS and BECTU.


T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv