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Gracie our Grip was invited to take part in Gendered Labour, Technology & the Media Day at University of Sussex

We were pleased to have Grace represent us and to take part in speaking at a invitation-only workshop on Friday 11th January at the University of Sussex, on the theme of ‘Gendered Labour, Technology & the Media’.  It included an industry panel with women who work in technical areas of film & TV, which was chaired by Lizzie Thynne.

This workshop expands on recent research into the history of women’s participation in the media industries, particularly in film and television production, as well as work on precarious labour, especially in relation to online environments, to consider the intersection
of gendered labour and technology in the media. Papers that discuss men’s and women’s work are welcome, as are those that consider intersectionality. It is hoped that the workshop will lead to an edited publication drawing on selected papers, but intention to publish is not a requirement for participation.

Speakers discussion of some of the following themes and questions, among others:
-The extent to which certain roles or categories of ‘technical’ jobs in the media industries
have been historically gendered, such as the editing, camera operating and engineering.
– How have workers challenged assumptions about technology and gendered labour, such as
its status or value in the organisation or industry?
– How have institutional structures, systems and power relationship contributed to the
persistence of gendered hierarchies or divisions in relation to technological labour?
– In what ways has technological change, such as the introduction of computers, impacted on
gendered labour?

-How has gendered labour and technology been represented in the media?
-What kinds of sources, scholarly frameworks and methodologies are useful for interrogating
this topic, particularly in the case of precarious or invisible labour?


We hope to see some of these reports written up and shared in due course, but I know the academics really enjoyed having Grace, a real hands-on set person to share her thoughts and what it is like to currently work in a labour oriented camera department, over last 25 years to how things have perhaps changed to today’s working environment.


See Graces profile and CV here :

Grace Donaldson

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