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NEW TALENT ALERT ! Rebecca Morgan signs as Production Sound Mixer.

After 20 years working in sound and with the much needed female talent in this area, it is very exciting to announce the new signing of Rebecca Morgan as Production Sound Mixer.

We are looking forward to developing her career in drama, firstly with comedy drama which we are now on the look out for. And she is the only northern based female PSM!

Check out Rebecca’s work on the hilarious and very witty BBC’s Mommune:

With her boyfriend having left, Jo finds an ad online for the mommune – a shared house where she can live and share babysitting duties with two other mums.

What could be better as a single parent than moving in with two other like-minded single women?!



See Rebecca’s profile and CV here:

Rebecca Morgan

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv