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FADE nelisa
Nelisa Alcalde
Director of Photography

Location: London

Nelisa is interested in how an image can influence and affect the viewer’s mind. Translating a director’s thoughts into images is fascinating and a great challenge. This is what drives her love for cinematography. To be able to play with light and, through the image, evoke feelings that might otherwise have been lost, is very rewarding. Along the way, she has learned to thoroughly enjoy and embrace the intricate preparatory work involved in the creation of such sentiments.


The Blues Water. Music video – Canon c100
Dir Diego Almazan.

Short film 2015 – Canon 5D mark iii
Dir Ioannis Anagnostou.

Short film 2015 – Canon 5d mark iii
Dir Elena Georgieva.

‘Pigs Don’t Fly’
Wonder Swap. Short film 2015 – Red Scarlet
Dir Anka Tyminska.

Ifro. Music Video 2015 – Canon 5d mark iii
Dir Hong Ann Nguyen.

Ste McCabe. Music Video 2014
Produced by Lock Up Your Daughters – Canon 5d mark ii
Dir Annabel Cooper

‘Travelling Light’
Salmon Films. 2014 – Canon fx105/5d mark ii
Dir Conxi Fornieles.

‘Summer Rain’
December Work. 2014 – Red Scarlet
Dir Joana Rico-Gil

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv