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Esther Vardy
Camera Operator

Location: Manchester

Main Unit Director of Photography:

CBBC Drama ‘Katy’ (3 x30) Directed by John McKay (Ordinary Lies, Hustle).

An adaptation of an Dame Jaqueline Wilson novel, featuring a strong willed heroine shot around Manchester.

The main camera package was a mini-Alexa paired with Arri Zeiss Master Primes.

B C A M E R A  O P E RATOR  ‘COLD FEET’ ITV comeback drama.
Director: Terry Mcdonough. Production company: Big Talk JL ltd.
M I N I  A L E X A  & A L E X A.

B C A M E R A  O P E R ATO R & DOP 2nd UNIT.
Director: Duncan Foster & Delyth Thomas. Production Company: BBC. Line Producer: Alan Fairholme.
A L E X A.

B C A M E R A  O P E R ATO R ‘Tracy Beaker Returns’ Drama cBBC.
Director: Neasa Hardiman. Production Company: BBC.
A L E X A.

( 5 camera shoot)
The Courteeners Small Bones Music promo live concert.
Director: Joe Connor. Production Company: Chief Productions.
A M I R A.

2nd UNIT CAMERA OPERATOR ‘Our Zoo’ BBC1 Drama pickup shots.
Producer/Director: Marcus Wilson. Production company: Big Talk Production.
A L E X A.

L I G H T I N G  C A M E R A  O P E R ATOR ‘Speed Painter’ Documentary.
Director: Rob Sizer. Production Company: Be Different Films.
Sony a7sii / Ronin gimbal.

D O P/ O P E R ATO R ‘The Pebble and The Boy’ Short film promo.
Starring  Nico Mirallegro (Film Spike Island/Drama The Village) , Sally Carmen ( Shameless ), Lauren McQueen.
Director : Chris Green .
A L E X A.


• On dram s / features/music videos/corporates/factual/commercials I have worked with 35mm, 16mm film and HD with the following cameras:

A r r i- L i te , S t u d i o / A r r i- A m i ra , M i n i A l exa / A l exa – X T, P l u s , M , S t u d i o / Re d Dragon, Epic, Scarlet, MX, O n e / A r r i f l ex – D 2 1 , 4 1 6 , 4 3 5 , S R 3 , I I C , I ko n o s ko p / Pa n av i s i o n G I I / S o ny- F 5 5 , FS7, FS5, a7s, F3, F900, 750 / G o P ro / 3D Panasonic P1, Z10,000, AG- 3 DA 1 P / C a n o n 5 D, 7 D, C 3 0 0 , C 1 0 0 , FX305 / DVCAM , HVR Z1/Z5, PD150/170, DSR250, Sony EX3, Sony XDCam.

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv