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karishma bk
Karishma Bolakee
Multi Camera Op and Vision Mixer

Location: London


 Competent with using cameras (Sony Studio camera series with remote, EX3, Canon
 Experience of using TriCaster 8000, Black Magic Atem programme and Livestream Studio.
System and Datavideo SE-2000.
 Rigging and de-rigging cameras.
 Directed multi camera set ups for live streams.
 Vision mixed music, circus, dance and business conferences for live streams.



FOH Camera Operator – Sony 1500 Series 14 Lens – 02 Indigo / The TAMIL Awards

Camera Operator Roundhouse – Multi Camera – live music and entertainment
Roundhouse Rising Festival
Gomez concert
Voices Now event
Reverb concert
Redbull Music Academy ‘Other Side of the World’ promos.

Camera Operator, Ape Media – Charity & training enterprise
‘E.16 Connect‘ (2012) Intergenerational film


Vision Mixer Streaming Tank.
March 2017 Badoo international conference.
Nov 2016 HSBC Conference.
August 2016 UBS ‘The Future of Work’.
June 2016 Virgin Media Voom 2016 ‘Pitchathon’
(29 hour Guinness World Record).

Vision Mixer Roundhouse
June 2016 With a Little Bit of Luck (Last Word Festival).
April 2016 Circus Fest: Barely Methodical Troupe.
2010 Roundhouse Rising Festival.
2010 Voices Now.
2010 Circolumbia.

Vision Mixer / Director, Be Inspired Films

August 2016 Bhaktivedanta Manor – Janmashtami festival.
Nov 2015 RTS Midlands Awards.
July 2015 Samadhi Dance Company (Inevitable Time).

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv