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sabrina bk
Sabrina Corda
Multi and Single Camera Op

Location: London

Sabrina has experience in broadcast multi and single camera operating. She is also a self shooter with her Sony A7S with Primes and DJI Ronin.
She is highly motivated to achieve her ambitions in the broadcast TV industry and enjoys both the creative and technical aspects of any production.

Credits –

The TAMIL Awards / FOH Camera Operator – Sony 1500 Series 22 Lens – O2 Indigo

2017 Novartis Corporate
Lighting camera operator (FS7, PL mount, tripod)
› Interviews
› Novartis

2017 Facebook Hackathon
Camera Operator (hotheads FOH)
› Recorded Show
› Facebook

2017 The Round The Island Race at Cowes
Camera Operator
› Live Broadcast/stream (Sony HDC2500, HJ40, platform tripod)
› TVC ltd

2017 Google Talks (series)
Camera Operator (FS7, ENG lens)
› Live Interviews
› Dreamtek

2017 South of England Show
Camera Operator (Sony PMW320, arena handheld)
› Highlights
› Fonix

2017 GCP Next
Camera Operator (ENG lens, tripod FOH)
› Conference
› Google

2017 AV Mag Interviews
Camera Operator (Sony PMW320, HJ24, FOH tripod)
› Interview Setups
› AV Mag

2016 Harlequins Rugby home season
Camera Operator (Sony PMW500, Wide Lens, Pitch Handheld)
› Live Broadcast Sport
› BT Sports

2016 UK Army Demonstrations
Camera Operator (Sony PMW320, Box Lens XJ100, tripod)
› Live Events
› UK Army

2016 Live Shows (Bournemouth Air Show,
Legends of Gaming, Dan TDM Tour)
Camera Operator (Sony PMW320, HJ40 FOH or HJ24 handeld)
› Live Events
› Fonix

2016 Terry O’Neill – David Bowie
Lighting Camera Operator
› Promotional
› Ransom Gallery

2016 Hilton Bournemouth
Lighting Camera Operator
› Promotional
› Hilton

2016 Shakespeare 400
Lighitng Camera Operator
› Promotional
› Fonix

2016 Ranieri – Leicester Premiership Title
Lighting Camera Operator (Sony, tripod)
› Interview
› Sky Sports Italia

2016 The Gadget Show Live
Camera Operator (Sony PMW500, stage handheld)
› Super Theatre Live Show
› Fonix

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv