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sophie piedallu canvas FADED FILM
Sophie Piedallu
Camera Trainee

Location: London

Sophie has a wide range of experience including: professional feature films; short films; music videos and TV dramas. She worked in 16mm, digital and 3D film making.


Sky, Eleven –  ‘Enfield Haunting’  TV Drama  – Video Alexa XT

‘Thirteen Disciplines’ – Polypipe Commercial  – Video RED Epic

CBBC – ‘4 O’Clock Club’  TV Drama  – Video Red Epic

France 3 –  Escazal Films – ‘Agatha Christie’ TV Drama  – Video Aaton XTR+


Cameras Used;

Alexa XT, RED (Epic, Scarlet and ONE), Canon (C100 – Masterclass, 550D,
60D, 5D, XL1 and XL2), Ikegami HDK-790, Sony (DXC D30, F55, DSR 450,
EX1, Z7, PDW 700 and 355), Panasonic (151, Varicam and HPX 500),
Blackmagic, Nikon D800, Konvas, Beaulieu R16
and Aaton (XTR+ and Aminima).

2013: Clean driving license

Languages – French

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv