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Yana Rits-Cairns
Director of Photography
Location: London
Yana is from St.Petersburg/Russia. She was trained and gained her degrees in cinematography at Prague Film Academy (FAMU) and at the Northern Film School in Leeds. She has been living and working in London for 2 years, highlights being shooting her first feature films, working with ITV and Channel 4 and buying her own Arri Alexa kit.
Television Drama;
‘Tricked’ (ITV) Director Andy Scott – Canon XF 305.
‘War Poets’ (ITV) Director Jenny Ash – (2ND Unit) Canon C300.
‘Thriller’ (Chanel4) Director Fabian Soazandry – Red Epic.
‘Lucky Dice’ (Chanel 4) Director Fabian Soazandry – Red Epic.
‘Counter Flow’ (5 episodes) Director Kirill Kapitsa – (2nd Unit) Red MX.
‘Road Patrol’ (4 episodes) Director Leonid Pliaskin – Red Epic.
‘Liteiny’ (4 episodes) Director Igor Moskvitin – XD Cam.
Feature Films:
‘The Liberator’ –  Director Ben Lettieri – Red Epic.
‘The Forbidden Note’ – Director Callum Andrew Johnston – Red Scarlet.
‘Invisible Men’ – Director Meshack Enahoro – Red Epic.
Kit Owned:
Arri Alexa kit with a set of Arri Ultra Primes.
Lighting equipment with lighting truck.

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv