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Walk the Talk Panel at Focus 2016

This was a great discussion, very positive, all about role models and going for it! Lulu Elliott founder of Reel Angels took part, for us to take part in your talks contact creative@reelangels.tv

Making the creative screen Industries more diverse and inclusive is right up there.

It’s the most talked about subject at every industry conference and gathering, and yet it’s the one that according to the experts, doesn’t seem to have progressed very far.

One emerging view is that television, while still not perfect, is actually leading the way both on and off the screen and the other screen industries, while committed to the idea, are trailing behind. Will they ever catch up and if not why, and what can those who work in the industries do to move the debate forward?

Moderated by Deborah Williams – Executive Director, Creative Diversity Network
Speakers include:
Ali Hanan – CEO, Creative Equals
David Smith – Founder, Women in Games
Ceri Morgan – Director of External Affairs at the British Film Institute
Lulu Elliott – Founder of Reel Angels.


Article to follow soon on what we talked about –

T : +44 797 212 9854
E : creative@reelangels.tv