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Check DOP Dagmars HSE Underwater Diver Profile and Reel

Having started her journey in Stills Photography, Dagmar is an extremely versatile and unique image creator with a true eye for detail.

She is an HSE underwater camera operator as well as Divemaster focusing on Narrative & Action, Beauty & Fashion as well as Music Promos.
Born in Vienna / Austria, Dagmar has worked worldwide, combing her love of learning about different cultures and meeting new people with travelling and her work.
Dagmar’s open approach to her craft, her constant striving for perfection as well as her ability to capture the essence as well as highlight the beauty of an image or scene is what makes her stand out as a cinematographer.


Credit Highlights:


UNDER WATER – Fashion Commercial DoP/Cam – various –  Liquid Eye Productions.

UNDER WATER – Nature Photography DoP/Cam – Sony A7R – Halo Productions.


UNDER WATER – Life Action/CGI mix commercial DoP/Cam – 4K RAW – Scubacam Housing – River Film Productiosn – Director Andy Soup.


Feature / ‘Symblote’ / Throughly Professional Productions / DOP & Camera OP.


Feature / ‘D-EFFECTS’ / Ouranus Films / DOP & Camera OP – RED EPIC.


Feature / ‘Mr. Jones’ / SOOP Productions / DOP & Camera OP.


Feature / ‘The Hike’ / Motion Picture House / 2nd Unit DOP – RED.


Feature / ‘RU486’ / Xylomancy Films / DOP & Camera Op.



Speaks fluent German and English



Full, clean car driving license



HSE, Divemaster, Underwater Camera Operator



– Red Epic with Underwater Housing, Port, set of Primes and underwater Tripod.
– Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark2 / Mark3.
– Set of Samyang prime lenses.



– Sony FS700R (for super slow motion and Framerates up to 960fps).

– Odyssey 7Q with 4 x 256GB cards (external recorder& monitor (for recording in 2K Raw up to 240fps, 4K up to 60fps & 4K RAW
to HD Pro Res 422).

– Metabones Speedbooster adapter for FS700 to use Canon and Nikon Lenses.

– Handheld Rig with shoulder support and standard 15mm bars for the FS700.

– Canon 5D Mark2 (with Magic lantern) + batteries etc (1080 x 1920).

– 24 – 70mm Sigma 2,8 Zoom lens.

– 70 – 200mm Canon IS USM 2.8 Zoom lens.

– 18 – 35mm Wideangle Zoom lens.

– lens extender for Macro Shots.

– a set of the fastest manual Nikon AI-S Primes (20mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.4 and 105mm 2.8 + macro 1:1)
– Lens Baby Composer Pro (+ 35mm Optic).

– TTL Macro Extention tubes.

– ND screw on filter and one circular Polariser for above lenses except lens baby.

– fluid head tripod.

– K5 Slider with motion controll unit for smooth motion, Stop Frame and Timelapse shots (incl. 2 x extra tripods).

– Timer Remote (for Timelapse or Hyperlapse) for Canon 5D Mark2 or Mark3.

– SLR rig for operating the camera handheld.

– 1 x 64GB card, 3x 32GB cards, 1x 16GB for Camnon 5D.

– Followfocus with Speed crank & Whip.

– Matte Box and a set of 4 x4 ND’s and ND graduations filter.


– 3 x camera mountable LED lights.

– 3 x Redheads (800W) plus gels.


– ZOOM H4N (+16GB and 1GB card) (to record High Quality sound).

– Sennheiser directional mic (+ cradle to use on the rig or boom).

– wireless Sennheiser Lapel microphone G3.


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